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An electrooptic modulator which offers high linearity and low intermodulation distortion (IMD) is proposed. The modulation characteristics, harmonic and intermodulation distortions, are calculated. In the two-tone test with an optical modulation depth of 16% for each channel, the third-order IMD is expected to be as low as -95 dB. Such a linearized(More)
At 1.5 mu m VSB-AM video signal source is demonstrated using a balanced Mach-Zehnder external modulator. The source is a continuous wave Er-doped glass laser operating at 1.534 mu m. The predistortion network reduces the Mach-Zehnder third-order distortion level by 17-21 dB across the 330-450 MHz frequency band. The transmitter third order distortion level(More)
The past two years has seen the introduction of high quality linear fiberoptic transmitter into the CATV trunk plant. These lasers to date have been limited to 1.3 um. With the rapid maturity of optical fiber amplifiers (EDFA) which operates at 1.5 urn window, linear source operation at 1.5 urn are becoming increasingly important. This presentation will(More)
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