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The neutron longitudinal and transverse asymmetries A n 1 and A n 2 have been extracted from deep inelas-tic scattering of polarized electrons by a polarized 3 He target at incident energies of 19.42, 22.66 and 25.51 GeV. The measurement allows for the determination of the neutron spin structure functions g n 1 (x; Q 2) and g n 2 (x; Q 2) over the range(More)
  • K. Abet, T. Akagiq, +33 authors P. ZylaS
  • 1997
We present a Next-to-Leading order perturbative QCD analysis of world data on the spin dependent structure functions gf, gy, and gf, including the new experimental information on the Q” dependence of 9;. Careful attention is paid to the experimental and theoretical uncertainties. The data constrain the first moments of the polarized valence quark(More)
We have measured proton and deuteron virtual photon-nucleon asymmetries A p 2 and A d 2 and structure functions g p 2 and g d 2 over the range 0:03 < x < 0:8 and 1:3 < Q 2 < 10 (GeV/c) 2 by inelastically scattering polarized electrons oo polarized ammonia targets. Results for A 2 are signiicantly smaller than the positivity limit p R for both targets.(More)
Triple-differential cross sections of charged pions were measured for collisions of Ne projectiles at E/A = 800 MeV with NaF, Nb, and Pb targets. The reaction plane was estimated event by event from the light-baryon momentum distribution. For heavy targets, preferential emission of charged pions away from the interaction zone towards the projectile side(More)
The E143 Collaboration K. Abe,15 T. Akagi,12~15 P. L. Anthony,12 R. Antonov,ll R. G. Arnold,l T. Averett,16’$$ H. R. Band,17 J. M. Bauer,7 H. Borel,5 P. E. Bosted,l V. Breton,3 J. Button-Shafer,7 J. P. Chen,16 T. E. Chupp,8 12 C Comptour,3 K. P. Coulter,8 G. Court, J. Clendenin, . 12’* D. Crabb,16 M. Daoudi,12 D. Day,16 F. S. Dietrich,6 J. Dunne,l H.(More)
Mean multiplicities of pi+ and pi- in 4He collisions with C, Cu, and Pb at 200, 600, and 800 MeV/u, and with C and Pb at 400 MeV/u have been measured using the large solid angle detector Diogene. The independence of pion multiplicity on projectile incident energy, target mass and proton multiplicity is studied in comparison with intra-nuclear cascade(More)
A new data presentation is proposed to look at anomalous J/Ψ suppression in Pb + Pb collisions at P/A = 158 GeV/c. If the inclusive differential cross section with respect to a centrality variable is available, one can plot the yield of J/Ψ events per Pb-Pb collision as a function of an estimated squared impact parameter. Both quantities are raw(More)
The ratio g1=F1 has been measured over the range 0:03 < x < 0:6 and 0:3 < Q2 < 10 (GeV/c)2 using deep-inelastic scattering of polarized electrons from polarized protons and deuterons. We nd g1=F1 to be consistent with no Q2-dependence at xed x in the deep-inelastic region Q2 > 1 (GeV/c)2. A trend is observed for g1=F1 to decrease at lower Q2. Fits to world(More)
2014 Within the framework of a very simple Glauber model treating the centre-of-mass effects exactly, we investigate the effect of neutron-proton density differences in the nucleus 4He on the 800 MeV nucleon-4He elastic scattering cross section at small transfers. From the results, a method of obtaining an absolute calibration of a neutron beam is proposed.(More)
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