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DNA formed an insoluble complex on mixing with chitosan (poly-D-glucosamine) in solution. The DNA content of the complex was about 50% and the DNA remained insoluble in aqueous media of pH 2-7%; e.g., on treatment of the DNA-chitosan complex with phosphate-buffered saline at pH 7 and 37 degrees C for 26 h, the DNA released into the aqueous phase was less(More)
Nano-composite technology makes it possible to improve dielectric properties, such as resistivity, breakdown strength and so on, under high DC stress. However, the mechanism of the improvement in MgO nano-composite LDPE (LDPE/MgO) has not been clear, yet. We attempted to clarify the mechanism of the improvement on the electrical properties focused on the(More)
DNA, either native or denatured, can be immobilized by complexing with chitosan. The DNA-chitosan, which is insoluble in aqueous media, contains DNA at about 50% in weight. The DNA in the complex is accessible by enzymes and reagents. Carcinogenic heterocyclic amines, having affinity to DNA, can be adsorbed to the DNA-chitosan. The DNA-chitosan complex can(More)
The cosmic noise absorption (CNA) is compared with the precipitating electron flux for 19 events observed in the morning sector, using the high-resolution data obtained during the conjugate observations with the imaging riometer at Poker Flat Research Range (PFRR; 65.11 N, 147.42 W), Alaska, and the low-altitude satellite, NOAA 12. We estimate the CNA,(More)
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