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The authors propose a fuzzy partition model (FPM), a multilayer feedforward perceptron-like network. The most important point of FPM is that it has multiple-input/output units which are upper compatible with the threshold units commonly used in the backpropagation (BP) model. The number of outputs is called the degree N of that unit, and an FPM unit can(More)
Master Thesis Johannes de Vries 1 Abstract Cyber-attacks against companies and governments are seeing an increase in complexity and persistence. These more complex attacks are aimed at penetrating corporate and government networks to obtain classified information. The difference with cyber attacks from a couple of years ago is that attackers take more time(More)
In this paper we analyze the Chisholm paradox. We survey the paradox in Standard Deontic Logic, preference-based deontic logic, defeasible deontic logic and temporal deontic logic. We propose to combine preferential and temporal notions to analyze it.
In this paper we introduce the two-phase deontic logic 2dl. The preference-based semantics of 2dl is based on an explicit preference ordering between worlds, representing diierent degrees of ideality. The preference ordering can be used in two ways to evaluate formulas, which we call ordering and minimizing. Ordering uses all preference relations between(More)
We show that for the adequate representation of some examples a combination of diierent operators is needed, where each operator validates diierent inference rules. The combination of diierent modal operators imposes the restriction on the proof theory of the logic that a proof rule can be blocked in a derivation due to the fact that another proof rule has(More)
In this paper we propose the deontic logic dus, that formalizes reasoning about prescriptive obligations in update semantics. In dus the deenition of logical validity of obligations is not based on truth values but on action dynamics. You know the meaning of a normative sentence if you know the change it brings about in the betterness relation of anyone who(More)
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