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We theoretically show that a single free electron in circular motion radiates an electromagnetic wave possessing helical phase structure, which is closely related to orbital angular momentum carried by it. We experimentally demonstrate it by interference and double-slit diffraction experiments on radiation from relativistic electrons in spiral motion. Our(More)
Ultra-short gamma ray pulses of the picosecond and femtosecond range can be generated using laser Compton scattering with 90-degree collisions at the UVSOR-II electron storage ring. Measurement techniques for a gamma ray pulse width in the sub-picosecond to picosecond range are being developed. As the first stage of the development, we tested a pulse width(More)
A hybrid configuration called TOKASTAR combined with a spherical tokamak and a compact stellarator has been proposed to make an easy start-up of tokamak plasma current operation and to reduce the probability of plasma current disruptions by external helical field. In this configuration a natural built-in divertor is provided. According to the finite beta(More)
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