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Rectangular waveguide is commonly used up to high millimeter-wave frequencies. However, conventional machining techniques for waveguides operating above a few hundred GHz are complicated and costly. The development of silicon micro-machining techniques to create silicon-based waveguide circuits, which can operate up to high submillimeter-wave frequencies,(More)
In this paper we describe an experimental method and an analytical model for characterizing the surface energy inside a microchannel of micrometer size by measuring the marching velocity or position of a capillary meniscus. This method is based on the fact that the force summation of the meniscus surface tension and the filling reservoir gravitation might(More)
An electret power generator is developed using a new electret made of a charged parylene HT R thin-film polymer. Here, parylene HT R is a room-temperature chemical-vapor-deposited thin-film polymer that is MEMS and CMOS compatible. With corona charge implantation, the surface charge density of parylene HT R is measured as high as 3.69 mC m −2. Moreover, it(More)
—A new microfabrication technology for high-aspect-ratio parylene structure has been developed for soft spring applications. Free-standing parylene beams with widths of 10–40 m and aspect ratios of 10–20 have been successfully fabricated. Since parylene has a small Young's modulus, a high-aspect-ratio beam with a spring constant of the order of 1 10 3 N m(More)
A new micro power generator with parylene HT electret rotor is made. This generator uses parylene HT as a new electret material with a much superior charge density compared to teflon and CYTOP. The highest surface potential observed is 204.58 V/µm, equivalent to a surface charge density of 3.69 mC/m 2. The generator uses an electret rotor. The rotor is a(More)
– We developed a novel, yet simple, micro electret power generator prototype for low-frequency energy harvesting applications. In this prototype, two electrodes of the power generator are placed on the stator. The rotor is only a plate with metal strips of half of the spatial frequency of the stator plate. The packaging is to simply fix the stator to a(More)