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Rectangular waveguide is commonly used up to high millimeter-wave frequencies. However, conventional machining techniques for waveguides operating above a few hundred GHz are complicated and costly. The development of silicon micro-machining techniques to create silicon-based waveguide circuits, which can operate up to high submillimeter-wave frequencies,(More)
In this paper we describe an experimental method and an analytical model for characterizing the surface energy inside a microchannel of micrometer size by measuring the marching velocity or position of a capillary meniscus. This method is based on the fact that the force summation of the meniscus surface tension and the filling reservoir gravitation might(More)
—A new microfabrication technology for high-aspect-ratio parylene structure has been developed for soft spring applications. Free-standing parylene beams with widths of 10–40 m and aspect ratios of 10–20 have been successfully fabricated. Since parylene has a small Young's modulus, a high-aspect-ratio beam with a spring constant of the order of 1 10 3 N m(More)