Y T van den Hoogen

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NMR and CD studies were carried out on the dinucleotides 5'-methylphospho-N6-dimethyladenylyl-uridine (mpm62-U) and 5'-methylphospho-uridylyl-N6-dimethyladenosine (mpU-m62A) and on the trinucleotide(More)
A 1H-NMR investigation was carried out on the tetranucleotides U-m6(2)A-U-m6(2)A and m6(2)A-m6(2)A-U-m6(2)A (m6(2) = N6-dimethyladenosine) as well as on the hybrid trinucleotide dA-r(U-A). An(More)
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