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A case of a supernumerary tooth fused to the facial surface of a maxillary permanent central incisor is reported. Root canal therapy on the maxillary central incisor was performed due to pulpal communication between the supernumerary tooth and the maxillary central incisor after removing the supernumerary tooth structure. The communication was sealed with(More)
AIM The aim of this case report is to describe an unusual six-canal maxillary first molar tooth. CASE REPORT The maxillary left first molar of a young African-American male was treated as an emergency at the first visit. At the second visit, the five canals (MB1 and 2, Pal1 and 2 and DB) were easily identified at high magnification of 16-25 under an(More)
Operating microscopes and ultrasonic instruments have been used in root end filling procedures. The concepts, techniques, and materials for root end filling have been evolving. After eradicating or minimizing the irritants in the root canal system, the root end cavity has to be filled in a practical and convenient way. Super EBA seems to have more(More)
AIM To investigate the vasodilator mechanisms of pulpal vessels, especially the involvement of nitric oxide (NO), during pulpal inflammation. METHODOLOGY Eleven cats were prepared for intra-arterial administration of test agents through a lingual artery. The pulpal blood flow was measured by laser Doppler flowmetry from ipsilateral mandibular canine(More)
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