Y. T. Jade Morton

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This paper presents an analysis of GPS CA code selfinterference, its impact on the acquisition of weak GPS signal when coexisting with strong GPS signals, and means to mitigate the interference to allow successful acquisition of the weak GPS signals using software GPS receivers. Current software GPS receivers are capable of acquiring and tracking satellite(More)
This work has been submitted for publication in the 2004 Proceedings of Institute of Navigation Global Positioning System (ION GPS 2004). One or more of the authors is a U.S. Government employee working within the scope of their Government job; therefore, the U.S. Government is joint owner of the work. If published, the publisher may assert copyright. The(More)
In this letter, we apply energy detection based timeof-arrival (ToA) estimation to multi-band orthogonal frequencydivision multiplexing signals. We analyze the mistiming performance of the ToA estimator in the Nakagami-m channel. Analysis shows that the slope of the probability of mistiming curve increases with the number of subbands and the Nakagamim(More)
RedBlade is a multi-functional autonomous vehicle with two seasonal configurations which allow it to plow snow in the winter and mow grass in the summer. This vehicle participated in the Institute of Navigation’s (ION) 1 st Autonomous Snowplow Competition in January 2011 and in the 8 th ION Robotic Lawnmower Competition in June 2011. It won 2 nd place in(More)
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