Y. T. Feng

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SUMMARY In this paper, a detailed description of CG for evaluating eigenvalue problems by minimizing the Rayleigh quotient is presented from both theoretical and computational viewpoints. Three variants of CG together with their asymptotic behaviours and restarted schemes are discussed. In addition, it is shown that with a generally selected preconditioning(More)
A computational strategy is presented for the nonlinear dynamic analysis of large-scale combined finite/discrete element systems on a PC cluster. In this strategy, a dual-level domain decomposition scheme is adopted to implement the dynamic domain decomposition. The domain decompositiort approach perfectly matches the requirement of reducing the memory size(More)
Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have attracted considerable attentions due to their unique properties and diverse applications. Although it has been reported that AgNPs have acute toxic effects on a variety of cultured mammalian cells and animal models, few studies have been conducted to evaluate the associated risk of AgNPs to human health at non-cytotoxic(More)
Many physical problems, such as granular systems, exhibit a discrete nature, and traditional continuum based modelling techniques may not provide an adequate and/or effective description. The most challenging modelling aspect stems from the fact that many discrete (granular) systems may be influenced by the simultaneous presence of solid, fluid and/or other(More)
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