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Tetrachloroethene is a prominent groundwater pollutant that can be reductively dechlorinated by mixed anaerobic microbial populations to the nontoxic product ethene. Strain 195, a coccoid bacterium that dechlorinates tetrachloroethene to ethene, was isolated and characterized. Growth of strain 195 with H2 and tetrachloroethene as the electron donor and(More)
T he Internet has long been identified as an informa-ion agora (Branscomb, 1994). The role of Internet s a public space for every citizen (as opposed to purely for professionals, for example) is being shaped by two seemingly contradictory characteristics: Internet is both ubiquitous and personal. Cyberspace, unlike the traditional media types (broadcast,(More)
Methanosarcina barkeri 227 possesses two clusters of genes potentially encoding nitrogenases. We have previously demonstrated that one cluster, called nif2, is expressed under molybdenum (Mo)-sufficient conditions, and the deduced amino acid sequences for nitrogenase structural genes in that cluster most closely resemble those for the Mo nitrogenase of the(More)
In this paper, first the operating principles of a non-isolated universal bidirectional DC-DC converter are studied and analyzed. The presented power converter is capable of operating in all power transferring directions in buck/boost modes. Zero voltage switching can be achieved for all the power switches through proper modulation strategy design,(More)
At a recent NSF workshop on speech understanding, Charles Wayne gave a presentation of Darpa's program on Speech and Language research. Towards the end of his presentation, he enlightened all of us with a brief outline of a possible new technology development program: High Performance Multilingual Speech and Text Processing. This is a very exciting and(More)