Y.T. Cherng

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We report the fabrication of orange light-emitting diodes (LEDs) by introducing Te into the well layers of ZnCdSe-ZnSSe multiple quantum-well active region. It was found that a 15% Te can result in a 91 nm photoluminescence (PL) red-shift at 16 K and a 81 nm PL red-shift at room temperature. Such a ZnSe-based orange LED can be integrated easily with(More)
High-quality quaternary ZnSTeSe epitaxial layers were successfully grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). It was found that a ZnS/sub 0.18/Se/sub 0.82/ layer was automatically formed in between the ZnSe buffer layer, and the ZnS/sub 0.17/Te/sub 0.08/Se/sub 0.75/ epitaxial layer, when we increased the ZnS cell temperature. ZnSTeSe metal-semiconductor-metal(More)
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