Y. Shiyou

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With the advance of genomic researches, the number of sequences involved in comparative methods has grown immensely. Among them, there are methods for similarities calculation, which are used by many bioinformatics applications. Due the huge amount of data, the union of low complexity methods with the use of parallel computing is becoming desirable. The(More)
Problem with multiple objectives is a natural fashion in most disciplines of the real world, and multi-objective evolutionary algorithm is a technique which has a challenge of achieving a series of best solutions with respect to fitness and spread. In this regard, it is essential to keep the balance of local and global search abilities. Quantum-behaved(More)
The Finite Element Method is a well-known technique, being extensively applied in different areas. Studies using the Finite Element Method (FEM) are targeted to improve cardiac ablation procedures. For such simulations, the finite element meshes should consider the size and histological features of the target structures. However, it is possible to verify(More)
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