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S. Orito, T. Maeno, H. Matsunaga, K.Abe, K.Anraku, Y. Asaoka, M. Fujikawa, M. Imori, M. Ishino, Y. Makida, N. Matsui, H. Matsumoto, J. Mitchell, T. Mitsui, A. Moiseev, M. Motoki, J.Nishimura, M. Nozaki, J.Ormes, T. Saeki, T. Sanuki, M. Sasaki, E. S. Seo, Y. Shikaze, T. Sonoda, R. Streitmatter, J. Suzuki, K.Tanaka, I. Ueda, N. Yajima, T. Yamagami, A.(More)
The energy spectra of cosmic-ray low-energy antiprotons ( *p's) and protons ( p's) have been measured by BESS in 1999 and 2000, during a period covering reversal at the solar magnetic field. Based on these measurements, a sudden increase of the *p/p flux ratio following the solar magnetic field reversal was observed, and it generally agrees with a drift(More)
We performed a search for cosmic-ray antideuterons using data collected during four BESS balloon flights from 1997 to 2000. No candidate was found. We derived, for the first time, an upper limit of 1.9 x 10(-4) (m2s sr GeV/nucleon)(-1) for the differential flux of cosmic-ray antideuterons, at the 95% confidence level, between 0.17 and 1.15 GeV/nucleon at(More)
In two long-duration balloon flights over Antarctica, the Balloon-borne Experiment with a Superconducting Spectrometer (BESS) collaboration has searched for antihelium in the cosmic radiation with the highest sensitivity reported. BESS-Polar I flew in 2004, observing for 8.5 days. BESS-Polar II flew in 2007-2008, observing for 24.5 days. No antihelium(More)
The 8 and 27 keV monoenergetic neutron calibration fields have been developed by using (45)Sc(p, n)(45)Ti reaction. Protons from a 4-MV Pelletron accelerator are used to bombard a thin scandium target evaporated onto a platinum disc. The proton energies are finely adjusted to the resonance to generate the 8 and 27 keV neutrons by applying a high voltage to(More)
Evaluation of the properties for quasi-monoenergetic neutron calibration fields of high energies more than 20 MeV at TIARA is proceeding for development of the field. Among the properties needed for the development as the standard calibration field, we report on measurement of the neutron beam profile using an imaging plate with a polyethylene converter and(More)
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