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however, incomplete and occasionally lacking and subst i tu ted wi th cancer cell itself. Some character is t ic pa t t e rns of the vessels are found at the involved submucosal layer, which have some rela t ionship wi th pathologic findings and also with gross appearance. While the blood vessels are observed abundant ly at the prot ruded cancer, the(More)
In order to invest igate the mechan i sm of the gas t r ic acid secretion, this exper iment was carr ied out. Having adminis tered his tamine hydrochloride, acetazolamide, and chlormerodr in to male Wister rats , We have observed in u l t r a s t ruc tu ra l changes of parietal cell of gas t r ic mucosa with electron microscope. The resu l t s were as(More)
anemia or hypoproteinemia was seen more f requent ly in submucosal carc inoma than in mucosal carcinoma. Besides positive reaction of occult blood in feces, anacidity, hypochromic anemia, hypoproteinemia or accelerated sedimentat ion rate of the red blood cells was seen the most f requent in I-type of macroscopic classification. But urine test, white cell(More)
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