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It is not clear to what extent poor insight is inherent in schizophrenic psychopathology or is related to clinical factors. It is clinically important to elucidate this point to know how some insight remains intact in schizophrenia. Sixty-three ICD-10 schizophrenics were recruited. Insight was measured by David's three-dimensional scale, which deals with(More)
We discuss the dimensional reduction of five-dimensional supergravity compactified on S/Z2 keeping the N = 1 off-shell structure. Especially we clarify the roles of the Z2-odd N = 1 multiplets in such an off-shell dimensional reduction. Their equations of motion provide constraints on the Z2-even multiplets and extract the zero modes from the latter. The(More)
We investigate 5-dimensional supergravity on S/Z2 with a physical Z2-odd vector multiplet, which yields an additional modulus other than the radion. We find additional terms in the 4-dimensional effective theory that are peculiar to the multi moduli case. Such terms can make the soft masses are non-tachyonic and almost flavor-universal at tree-level, in(More)
SUSY breaking without messenger fields is proposed. We assume that our world is on a wall and SUSY is broken only by the coexistence of another wall with some distance from our wall. The Nambu-Goldstone fermion is localized on the distant wall. Its overlap with the wave functions of physical fields on our wall gives the mass splitting of physical fields on(More)
We derive 5D N = 1 superspace action including the radion superfield. The radion is treated as a dynamical field and identified as a solution of the equation of motion even in the presence of the radius stabilization mechanism. Our derivation is systematic and based on the superconformal formulation of 5D supergravity. We can read off the couplings of the(More)
We show that in the context of large extra dimensions enough CP violation can be obtained from the spontaneous breaking in a simple non-SUSY model, which is usually considered not to cause the spontaneous CP violation. We estimate ǫK in our scenario to be of order 10 −3 consistent with the experimental value. We also propose a modification to the see-saw(More)
The gauge couplings WWZ, WWWW , and WWZZ in the gauge-Higgs unification scenario in the Randall-Sundrum warped spacetime remain almost universal as in the standard model, but substantial deviation results for the Higgs couplings. In the SO(5)×U(1)B−L model, the couplings WWH and ZZH are suppressed by a factor cos θH from the values in the standard model,(More)