Y. Sakamura

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It is not clear to what extent poor insight is inherent in schizophrenic psychopathology or is related to clinical factors. It is clinically important to elucidate this point to know how some insight remains intact in schizophrenia. Sixty-three ICD-10 schizophrenics were recruited. Insight was measured by David's three-dimensional scale, which deals with(More)
In the dynamical gauge-Higgs unification of electroweak interactions in the Randall-Sundrum warped spacetime the Higgs boson mass is predicted in the range 120 GeV – 290 GeV, provided that the spacetime structure is determined at the Planck scale. Couplings of quarks and leptons to gauge bosons and their Kaluza-Klein (KK) excited states are determined by(More)
An SO(5) × U (1) gauge-Higgs unification model in the Randall-Sundrum warped space with top and bottom quarks is constructed. Additional fermions on the Planck brane make exotic particles heavy by effectively changing boundary conditions of bulk fermions from those determined by orbifold conditions. Gauge couplings of a top quark multiplet trigger(More)
We had previously extracted two types of subjective experience of schizophrenia (SES); first, a feeling of inadequacy in stream of speech, thought, and action, associated with a distorted sense of self, and second, a feeling that excessive thoughts are filling and sticking to one's head, causing negative affective burden such as misery and oppression. This(More)
The prediction systems of chemical toxicity has been developed by means of structure-activity relationship based on the computerized fact database (BL-DB). Numbers and ratio of elements, side chains, bonding, position, and microenvironment of side chains were used as structural factors of the chemical for the prediction. Such information was obtained from(More)
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