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OBJECTIVE This prospective study investigated the comparative responsiveness to change of 4 different elbow scoring instruments: 2 Hospital for Special Surgery elbow assessment scales, the Mayo Clinic Elbow Performance Index, and the Elbow Functional Assessment (EFA) Scale. METHODS A group of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) (median age 60 yrs)(More)
OBJECTIVE To present a method to determine the position and orientation of the mean optimal flexion axis of the elbow in vivo to be used in clinical research. DESIGN Registering the movements of the forearm with respect to the upper arm during five cycles of flexion and extension of the elbow using a 6 degrees-of-freedom electromagnetic tracking device.(More)
In the current study the interobserver and intraobserver reliability of a recently developed method to obtain the position and orientation vectors of the flexion-extension axis of the elbow in vivo is determined. The method uses the Flock of Birds six degrees-of-freedom electromagnetic tracking device. Ten subjects performed three trials comprising five(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To investigate the measurement characteristics of the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and Mayo Clinic elbow assessment instruments, utilizing methodological criteria including feasibility, reliability, validity, and discriminative ability; and (2) to develop an efficient and disease-specific rating system for elbow function assessment(More)
Lever-propelled wheelchairs have been described as more efficient and less physically demanding than hand-rim-propelled wheelchairs. To evaluate a newly designed lever mechanism (MARC) in both one- and two-arm use, a series of wheelchair exercise tests were performed on a motor-driven treadmill. Eight able-bodied male subjects performed a standard exercise(More)
Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is a chronic inflammatory liver disease of unknown aetiology usually requiring long-term immunosuppressive therapy. We present the case of an AIH patient who received long-term corticosteroids and azathioprine. As treatment for concomitant osteoporosis she was also treated with potent intravenous bisphosphonate (BP). This(More)
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