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This paper introduces the latest updates of a platform named ISEE (Internet-based Simulation for Earthquake Engineering) and its application on a Taiwan-Canada transnational collaborative pseudo-dynamic experiment of a multiple-span bridge system. Three reduce-scale Double-Skinned Concrete-Filled Tube (DSCFT) pier specimens are located at laboratories at(More)
Groundwater is an important water resource and its management is vital for integrated water resources development in semiarid catchments. The River Shiyang catchment in the semiarid area of northwestern China was studied to determine a sustainable multi-objective management plan of water resources. A multi-objective optimization model was developed which(More)
Search engines usually do their jobs well. However, due to the fact that most existing search algorithms are keyword-based, search engines may not work as expected in some scenarios when ambiguity problems are encountered. A possible approach to overcome it is to categorize Web resources in advance. In this research, a k-means variation, the keen-means(More)
In this work, an object-oriented framework FE2000 for parallel large-scale nonlinear dynamic finite element analysis is presented. The parallel substructure method is employed for parallel finite element analysis. An extension of the general sparse matrix package SPARSPAK, an iterative mesh partitioning approach, and a multi-level substructure method are(More)
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