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Rostral agranular insular cortex (RAIC) projects to periaqueductal gray (PAG) and inhibits spinal nociceptive transmission by activating PAG-rostral ventromedial medulla (RVM) descending antinociceptive circuitry. Despite being generated from the same precursor prepronociceptin, nocistatin (NST) and nociceptin/orphanin FQ (N/OFQ) produce supraspinal(More)
Double-strand break (DSB)-induced gene conversion was investigated using plasmid × chromosome (P × C) and chromosomal direct-repeat recombination substrates with markers arranged such that functional (selected) products could not arise by long-patch mismatch repair initiated from the DSB. As seen previously with analogous substrates, these substrates yield(More)
dine kinase during the cell cycle of normal versus DNA tumor virus-transformed cells. J. Biol. Chem. 269:13836-13842. 4.Hengstschläger, M., I. Mudrak, E. Wintersberger and E. Wawra. 1994. A common regulation of genes encoding enzymes of the deoxynucleotide metabolism is lost after neoplastic transformation. Cell Growth Differ. 5:1389-1394. 5.Kauffman, M.G.,(More)
PURPOSE To introduce an axial split osteotomy of free fibular flap for mandible angle reconstruction and discuss its indications and surgical technique. METHODS 16 patients underwent axial split osteotomy of free fibular flap(12 males and 4 females, aged from 23 to 62). 11 patients with benign tumors (8 ameloblastomas and 3 odontogenic keratocyst), 3(More)
PURPOSE This study reviewed our patients who underwent maxillectomy by the lateral lip-splitting approach and evaluated postoperative outcomes. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirty-six patients with diseases in the maxilla, maxillary gingiva, and hard palate who underwent total or subtotal maxillectomy by the lateral lip-splitting approach. The marginal mandibular(More)
Double-strand break (DSB) induced gene conversion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during meiosis and MAT switching is mediated primarily by mismatch repair of heteroduplex DNA (hDNA). We used nontandem ura3 duplications containing palindromic frameshift insertion mutations near an HO nuclease recognition site to test whether mismatch repair also mediates(More)
Transcription stimulates spontaneous homologous recombination, but prior studies have not investigated the effects of transcription on double-strand break (DSB)-induced recombination in yeast. We examined products of five ura3 direct repeat substrates in yeast using alleles that were transcribed at low or high levels. In each strain, recombination was(More)
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