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BACKGROUND This study compared titanium elastic nail (TEN) fixation with plate fixation in patients with uncomplicated midshaft clavicle fractures. METHODS The records of 57 patients with midshaft clavicular fractures that were operated on within 2 weeks after injury at Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, were retrospectively(More)
Previous research indicated that engineered cartilage was soft and fragile due to less extracellular matrix than native articular cartilage. Consequently, the focus of this study was mostly confined to application in vitro function. In order to generate 3D engineered cartilage resembling native articular cartilage, we developed a recirculating(More)
OBJECTIVES Retained haemothorax and pneumothorax are the most common complications after blunt chest traumas. Lung lacerations derived from fractures of the ribs are usually found in these patients. Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) is usually used as a routine procedure in the treatment of retained pleural collections. The objective of this study(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of directional fluid flow on periosteal chondrogenesis. Periosteal explants were harvested from 2-month-old rabbits and sutured onto poly-epsilon-caprolactone (PCL) scaffolds with the cambium layer facing away from the scaffolds. The periosteum/PCL composites were cultured in suspension in spinner(More)
Plate fixation is the gold standard for the treatment of forearm fractures at present, and whether or not to remove the implant after bone union remains controversial. This study demonstrated some cases of refracture in adult forearm fractures after bone union and discussed the risk factors for decision-making regarding implant removal. We reviewed patients(More)
Human retinal pigment epithelium (HRPE) cells are important in maintaining the normal physiology within the neurosensory retina and photoreceptors. Recently, transplantation of HRPE has become a possible therapeutic approach for retinal degeneration. By negative immunoselection (CD45 and glycophorin A), in this study, we have isolated and cultivated adult(More)
AIM To isolate putative pancreatic stem cells (PSCs) from human adult tissues of pancreas duct using serum-free, conditioned medium. The characterization of surface phenotype of these PSCs was analyzed by flow cytometry. The potential for pancreatic lineage and the capability of beta-cell differentiation in these PSCs were evaluated as well. METHODS By(More)
The paper presents an optimal fuzzy logic controller design using efficient robust optimization techniques called genetic algorithms. It is shown that genetic algorithms can automatically search input and output scaling factors, membership functions, and fuzzy rules of the fuzzy logic controllers based on a fitness function. As a result, fuzzy logic(More)