Y. S. Rao

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Normalization of expression levels applied to microarray data can help in reducing measurement error. Different methods, including cyclic loess, quantile normalization and median or mean normalization, have been utilized to normalize microarray data. Although there is considerable literature regarding normalization techniques for mRNA microarray data, there(More)
Pharmacogenomics aims at co-development of a drug that targets a subgroup of patients for safety and efficacy and a device that identifies the responder group through their genetic variations. Development of such a prognostic device includes a training stage and a validation stage. The transition from the training stage to the validation stage typically(More)
In order to meet increasing power demand, taking into account economical and environmental factors, wind energy conversion is gradually gaining interest as a suitable source of renewable energy. In this paper, The modeling of the Wind Energy Conversion System(WECS) with Matrix converter is proposed. The Space Vector Modulation (SPVM) technique is used for(More)
We propose the use of multi-topology (MT) routing for network resilience against link and node failures. We describe the multi-topologies by an n-dimensional vector of different link costs for all links in the network. It is the base for the calculation of n shortest path trees from any node to all other destinations, i.e. for n virtual routing topologies.(More)
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