Y. S. Ma

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Companies are moving towards quickly providing better customer-centric products and services improve market share and market size with continuously growing revenue. As such, the effective collaboration among customers, developers, suppliers, and manufacturers throughout the entire product lifecycle is becoming much more important for the most advanced(More)
One prominent characteristic of product design for injection molded parts is that design and analysis (e.g. flow simulation) go hand-in-hand to ensure that the design is manufacturable by the injection molding process. Despite the wide use of CAD and CAE systems, it is known that communication between the two processes is poor. In this paper we propose a(More)
  • J Y Chen, Y S Ma, C L Wang, C K Au
  • 2006
The existing collaborative systems are restricted on one specific CAD system and do not support multiple systems. However, employing various CAD systems to facilitate the product design process is not uncommon. This paper presents an approach for collaborative design environment to support a set of heterogeneous CAD systems such that an object can be(More)
  • Zheng Bai, Jian, A Z Bai, R Chan, B Morini, Z J Bai +11 others
  • 2004
The Chinese University of Hong Kong holds the copyright of this thesis. Any person(s) intending to use a part or whole of the materials in the thesis in a proposed publication must seek copyright release from the Dean of the Graduate School. Abstract Abstract of thesis entitled: An inverse eigenvalue problem is to determine a structured matrix from a given(More)
A system for analyzing single-layer optical thin films has been formulated by the use of artificial neural networks. The training data sets stem from the computational results of the physical model of thin films, and they are used to train the artificial neural network, which, when done, can give values of film parameters in the millisecond time regime. The(More)
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