Y. S. Ma

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Companies are moving towards quickly providing better customer-centric products and services improve market share and market size with continuously growing revenue. As such, the effective collaboration among customers, developers, suppliers, and manufacturers throughout the entire product lifecycle is becoming much more important for the most advanced(More)
Dermal IL-17-producing γδT cells have a critical role in skin inflammation. However, their development and peripheral regulation have not been fully elucidated. Here we demonstrate that dermal γδT cells develop from the embryonic thymus and undergo homeostatic proliferation after birth with diversified TCR repertoire. Vγ6T cells are bona fide resident, but(More)
Ab therapy against surface Ags on tumor cells has demonstrated significant efficacy for some cancers. However, it is costly and patients frequently develop acquired resistance over time. In cases of Ab therapy resistance, T cell responses have been shown to be essential in controlling disease progression. Thus, vaccination that generates a sustained Ab(More)
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