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An approach to cannulate right internal jugular vein in neutral head position is described for situations where head rotation and extension are contraindicated. Venous puncture was made immediately lateral to the carotid artery at the level of cricoid cartilage and directed caudad. In 40 patients studied, the right internal jugular vein of 97.5% of the(More)
Although there are few studies on the treatment of schizophrenia with testosterone, several indirect findings have suggested testosterone as a possible treatment modality for schizophrenia. To explore the therapeutic effect of testosterone augmentation of antipsychotic medication on symptoms in male patients with schizophrenia, the authors performed a(More)
  • Y S Lew
  • Singapore medical journal
  • 2000
One lung anaesthesia in paediatric patients may not always be achievable by bronchial blockade or double lumen tube intubation due to inadequate experiences or facilities. We attempted to isolate right lung by selectively intubating the left bronchus with single lumen tube on a 10 kg child. Optimal surgical condition and satisfactory oxygenation achieved(More)
A 4-month-old healthy male infant underwent left herniotomy under general anesthesia with caudal block. Carbon dioxide (CO2) pneumoperitoneum was created through the left hernial sac for inspection of the right processus vaginalis. Episodes of desaturation associated with significant reduction in chest compliance were noted intraoperatively. This was(More)
The first two years anaesthetic experience of paediatric day care surgery is reviewed. Four hundred and three patients underwent 447 general surgical procedures. The mean age of the patients was 5.4 years with the youngest being 5 months old. The commonest procedures performed were herniotomy, circumcision, correction of hydrocoele and orchidopexy. The(More)
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