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The lifetime prevalences of DSM-III mental disorders using Korean version of DIS-III are presented. They were studied in 5,100 adults (aged 18 to 65) in household selected by two stage cluster sampling. Comparisons were made between regions, sex and age groups. International comparison with Epidemiologic Catchment Area program was also made.
The aim of this cross-over study was to investigate whether albumin infusion before furosemide administration could potentiate the diuretic action of furosemide. Seven patients with nephrotic syndrome were given the following infusions in random order on two separate days: 1) a sham solution followed by 160 mg of furosemide, 2) 100 ml of 20% human albumin(More)
CD44 is a member of cell surface glycoproteins which are involved in cell-matrix adhesion and tumor metastasis. Certain types of tumors express complex CD44 isoforms generated by alternative splicing of 2v-10v exons, and their expression appears to promote metastasis of tumor cells. Using a nested RT-PCR, we analyzed expression of CD44 variants in 26(More)
Cefazolin treatment failures have been described for bacteraemia caused by methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) with type A β-lactamase and inoculum effect (InE). We investigated the prevalence of blaZ (β-lactamase) gene types and a cefazolin InE among MSSA blood isolates in South Korea and evaluated their association with specific(More)
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) strains may cause serious nosocomial infections, including pneumonia and septicemia. The rate of methicillin-resistance among S. aureus isolates in Korea is over 50%. In this study, 90 MRSA isolates from Kyung Hee University Hospital were characterized employing bacteriophage typing, pulsed-field gel(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether control status of diabetes mellitus influences clinical and radiographic manifestations and treatment responses in patients with tuberculosis (TB). The medical records of 492 patients who started anti-TB medication between January 2005 and December 2009 were retrospectively reviewed. Diabetes was diagnosed in(More)
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a relatively uncommon human dementia, is caused by an unconventional slow infectious agent. Several cases of CJD, clinically or histopathologically diagnosed, have been reported in Korea. In order to confirm the diagnosis of CJD and also differential diagnosis of sporadic and familial types of CJD in Korea, we studied two(More)
Black rice is rich in anthocyanin and is expected to have more healthful dietary potential than white rice. We assessed expression of anthocyanin in black rice cultivars using a newly designed 135 K Oryza sativa microarray. A total of 12,673 genes exhibited greater than 2.0-fold up- or down-regulation in comparisons between three rice cultivars and three(More)
While gastric cancer is the most common malignancy in the Korean adult population, little is known of the efficacy of gastric cancer screening among Koreans. To study the efficacy of gastric cancer screening, this case-control study was conducted. From November 1996 to July 1998, 441 newly diagnosed gastric cancer (321 advanced, 120 early) patients were(More)