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Previous studies used fixed wavelength modulated light to demonstrate the relationship between critical flicker frequency threshold (CFFT) and the factors of the subjects. We address a method to assess the whole human visual spectral sensitivity curve (with the visible range of wavelength) to CFFT by frequency modulated light. The color sensitivity curve of(More)
GA-inducible calcium-dependent protein kinase 1 feedback regulates GA biosynthesis and activates a 14-3-3 protein to confer drought tolerance in rice seedlings. " , Cdc48 chaperone and adaptor Ubx4 distribute the proteasome in the nucleus for anaphase proteolysis " , Molecular basis of telomere syndrome caused by CTC1 mutations " , A weak(More)
State estimation in electric power grids – meeting new challenges presented by the requirements of the future grid, " IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, September 2012.man, " Characterization of OFDM radio link under PLL-based oscillator phase noise and multipath fading channel, " IEEE Transactions on Communications, (Accepted), January 2012. Adaptive(More)
This study presents the non-video, noninvasive, automatic, and on-site monitoring system employing ultrasonic transducers to detect the behavior in sows before, during and after parturition. An ultrasonic transmitting/receiving (T/R) circuit of 40kHz is mounted above a conventional parturition bed. The T/R units use ultrasonic time-of-flight (TOP) ranging(More)
  • Ing H Niemann, Caputo, +17 authors U Ohler
5 p(x t+1) p(x t) a t a t+n−1 a t+1 p(x t+n) x t x t+1 x t+n Bild 1: Reduktion der Unsicherheit in der Zustandschätzung durch gezielte Auswahl der Aktio-nen Kamerasteuerung zur Gesichtsverfolgung wichtige Aspekte in einem solchen Anwendungsge-biet darstellen. Regelmäßige, automatische Rekalibrierung mittels visueller Information sowie Hinderniserkennung(More)
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