Y. Richard Wang

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Question: This study analyzes the effect of pharmaceutical price regulation on the launch of new drugs. Obtaining regulatory approval for a price may entail administrative delay. In addition, since a low price in one market may " spill-over " to other markets, through parallel trade and external referencing, manufacturers may rationally prefer longer delay(More)
Sensorless vector control has been studied broadly, and motor speed identification is exactly very important. According to the fundamental equations of asynchronous motor for vector control, a MRAS speed identification algorithm is obtained by measured motor stator voltage and currents. The simulation result shows that this MRAS speed identification model(More)
The working performance of the active power filter is dependent on harmonic current detection. Based on adaptive noise canceling technology, this paper improved the classic LMS algorithm ant got a fuzzy variable step-size LMS algorithm of harmonic current detection which uses the average estimation of error signal to control the updating of step-size by(More)
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