Y. Raymond Chan

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We reviewed histologically 86 nephrectomy specimens from patients with vesicoureteral reflux (with or without ureterovesical obstruction) to investigate the relationship between coexisting hypoplasia and postnatally acquired cortical damage. Hypoplasia was assessed independently of the acquired cortical loss using medullary ray glomerular counting. Severe(More)
OBJECTIVE Defaults have been shown to impact decision making in a variety of domains. However, no research has applied defaults to medical care decisions utilizing an Electronic Health Record (EHR). This research was designed to examine how providers' inpatient laboratory ordering practices were influenced by default selections in EHR order sets. METHOD(More)
The purpose of this review is to compile and bring to the attention of the pediatric nephrology community various aspects of laboratory medicine pertinent to nephrology. The review addresses different aspects in laboratory medicine that should be taken into account during interpretation of a test result, such as methodological and analytical issues,(More)
OBJECTIVE The overall purpose was to understand the effects of handoff protocols using meta-analytic approaches. BACKGROUND Standardized protocols have been required by the Joint Commission, but meta-analytic integration of handoff protocol research has not been conducted. METHOD The primary outcomes investigated were handoff information passed during(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Handoff protocols are often developed by brainstorming and consensus, and few are directly compared. We hypothesized that a handoff protocol (Flex 11) developed using a rigorous methodology would be more favorable in terms of clinicians' attitudes, behaviors, cognitions, or time-on-task when performing handoffs compared with a(More)
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