Y. Ramadevi

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Digital watermarking algorithms are prune to different attacks. Of these geometric attacks are recognized as one of the strongest attacks for digital watermarking technology. In this paper, we implemented a BNA(Blind Normalization Algorithm) watermarking algorithm resistant to geometrical distortions (rotation, scaling and aspect ratio)and different other(More)
Finding anomalous behavior of user in networks is crucial, in analysis of such behavior to identify the real user is very complicated. Classification is one technique for identifying the anomalous behavior. The anomaly detection rate can be improved by ensemble the different classifiers. Empirically, ensembles tend to yield better results when there is a(More)
Analysis of system security becomes a major task for researchers. Intrusion detection plays a vital role in the security domain in these days, Internet usage has been increased enormously and with this, the threat to system resources has also increased. Anomaly based intrusion changes its behaviour dynamically, to detect these types of intrusions need to(More)
Pinpointing the intrusion from the available huge intrusion data is demanding. Intrusion detection is treated as a data analysis problem. The process of finding accurate intrusion is typical in real world scenarios. For improving accurate identification of intrusions data mining approaches are adopted and proved automatic analysis with improved performance.(More)
Intrusion behavior and detection analysis particularly rely upon the type of data. Most of the datasets used in intrusion analysis are heterogeneous and imbalanced data sets. In these data sets, the features vary with a huge difference in between and within the feature values. This is very effective while taking decision, especially in the supervised(More)
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