Y. Rama Devi

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An efficient and robust video watermarking algorithm for video coding standard MPEG has been proposed in this paper. Digital video watermarking has attracted a great deal of research interest in the past few years in applications such as digital fingerprinting and owner identification. Grayscale 2-D watermark patterns such as detailed trademarks or logos(More)
In wireless sensor networks multi-hop routing is often used because of the limited transmission range of sensor nodes. Opportunistic Routing is a multi-hop routing for wireless sensor networks. In this routing, the neighbors of sender node overhear the transmission and f```orm multiple hops from source to the destination for transfer of information. The(More)
Video text information plays an important role in semantic-based video analysis, indexing, and retrieval. Text embedded in the image or video contains very useful information like the name of the person, title, location and sometimes brief description of the image. Many algorithms have been proposed to detect and localize the text information present in(More)
Reliable Node based routing (RNBR) is a trust based routing protocol for mobile adhoc network which presents reliable nodes for efficient routing to achieve high throughput. It is always a challenge to secure a node from internal and external adversaries' attack, which impact the reliability of the node. This paper presents a light weight node securing(More)
Monitoring the target area lively by video sensor node will improve the ability of event description. Since the sensor nodes have limited capacity, single path routing does not suite to transfer video content. Accordingly there is a need for multipath routing for efficient transmission of video content. However not all the path in multipath routing is(More)
Cloud Computing has been rapidly and radically changing the dynamics of IT consumption. The core cloud computing proposition is being able to buy compute technology as a service in an on-demand, elastic, and pay-as-you-go model. Public cloud offerings to the IT industry are very prominent. But the organizations, which have already invested money in their(More)
Data mining process suffers from the curse of dimensionality. If a dataset has a large number of attributes, then the corresponding classification procedure loses its accuracy and precision. In this paper, an efficient algorithm for dimensionality reduction using Reducts through Ranking based on Rough Set Theory is presented. Classification process is(More)
Efficient Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is an absolute necessary for many applications these days. Computational Linguistics supports HCI to make computers to understand human languages. Advanced Computational models can be built using many technologies to provide easy communication between human and computers. Data mining has emerged to address problems(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging technology, advancing quickly in IT due to the flexibility of using computing without buying any infrastructure but by using as pay-per-use model. It is risky to evaluate the performance of cloud environments as cloud computing adoption increases. The simulation technology has become a powerful tool in cloud computing research(More)
Wireless sensor network has become a necessity than luxury in common man’s life. A new routing protocol by name Chain Routing for Convergecast Small Scale (CRCSS) wireless sensor networks is proposed in this paper. The set of sensor nodes send the data sensed periodically to the base station located in the area of interest. The nodes that fail to send the(More)
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