Y. R. Zhong

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Intelligent control (IC) is a novel stage of automatic control development. Its development brings a new method for power electronic systems. This paper has applied fuzzy expert system (FES) to the power electronics in renewable energy equipment for state-monitoring and fault-diagnosis. By the analysis of typical power circuits, a kind of universal(More)
Geometric precisions are incorporated into a relational database from the perspective of geometric parameter precision design of the new generation of GPS and using the database technology. The processes can be simulated of their reasoning and decision-making in solving mechanical problems combining the theoretical knowledge, factual data and heuristic(More)
The current research of product variant design is focused on how to make it effective and feasible, but it is of no any methodology to get the optimized result of the designing. Based on the special research of the parametric variant design and genetic algorithms, a new optimal method of parametric and variant design is presented. By analyzing mechanical(More)
Operation and operator technologies used in new generation Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) provide the necessary knowledge basis for digitization and standardization in verification process of geometrical products. This paper presents a framework of predicate-based operations which obtain features or values of characteristics, their nominal values(More)
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