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Early studies of the retinoblastoma gene (RB) have uncovered its critical role as a regulator of the G(1)/S cell cycle phase progression. Surprisingly, genetic approaches in mammals and nematodes have also shown RB controls cell lineage specification and aspects of differentiation. The RB gene product accomplishes this by diverse mechanisms such as by(More)
MDM2 is a p53-responsive molecule that when overexpressed, can alter growth control pathways via p53-dependent and independent mechanisms. We have identified a mutant p53 containing line that expresses high levels of transcripts that are regulated by the p53-responsive promoter of the MDM2 gene. Analysis of cloned product obtained from these tumor cells(More)
The MDM2 protein regulates the functional activity of the p53 tumor suppressor through direct physical association. Signals that control MDM2 expression are poorly understood but are likely to play an important role in the regulation of p53 activity. We show here that the half-life of MDM2 protein is shorter in proliferating than in quiescent peripheral(More)
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