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Classic signaling theory suggests that investors who have difficulty ascertaining firm quality should expect managers in low-quality firms to at least occasionally mimic valuation signals otherwise associated with high-quality firms. Few papers have empirically validated this simple, well-established idea. We consider open market share repurchases, a(More)
In recent years, Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) has been emerged out as the next generation of wireless communication networks due to its economical feature in the era of broadband services it supports. However, security issues inherent in WMNs or any wireless networks needed to be considered before the deployment of such networks, since it is disagreeable to(More)
A cloud computing environment consists of a huge number of processors and memories, high-speed networks, and various application services to provide a lot of service over the Internet for users. However, there are two critical problems in the Internet service provider¡¦s (ISP): unfair and unbalanced problems produced by dispatching tasks without(More)
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