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The prevalence of intestinal parasites was investigated in intensive pig farms in Guangdong Province, China between July 2000 and July 2002. Faecal samples from 3636 pigs (both sexes and five age groups) from 38 representative intensive pig farms employing different parasite control strategies were examined for the presence of helminth ova and protozoan(More)
It remains unclear how the expression of microRNAs (miRNAs) in human periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs) might respond to mechanical stretch. To investigate specific miRNA expression in stretched PDLSCs, we used a Flexcell® FX-5000™ tension system to achieve external mechanical stimulation. Then, a custom-designed microarray assay was performed to(More)
OBJECTIVE Resveratrol (RES), present in fruits and plants, is a natural compound that has been shown various medicinal properties, including protection of cardiovascular disease and cancer risk. However, the effects of RES on skin cancer have not been investigated. The present work was designed to explore the anticancer potential of RES against(More)
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