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For a number of reasons, medical standards often taken for granted in developed countries are difficult to implement in developing areas of the world. In particular, our team investigated the needs of community clinics in rural Ghana and identified reliable sterilization of everyday medical supplies as a critical need. Our resultant goal was to design an(More)
The network equipment has capable of inspecting packets in order to discover the worms and virus over the network. Many network users are hacked by attackers through malicious functions are mapped on network applications. Such unauthorized activities are required to delete by deep packet inspection in application layer. The high level network equipment(More)
An 8-element shaped-beam pattern microstrip antenna array for the base station of mobile communication system has been designed. A cosecant pattern in the main beam which allow a constant power distribution in the service zone is achieved by feeding linearly varied amplitudes and phases into the elements of the array. The array operates at 27.5 GHz and at(More)
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