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Using a sample of 329 currently depressed patients from 24 hospitals across China, this study assesses the reliability and validity of the Chinese version of Beck Depression Inventory (CBDI). Even though the internal reliability and the concurrent validity were good (Cronbach alpha = 0.846; r = 0.566), the results showed that the item of Loss of Libido was(More)
This study aimed to improve the effectiveness of orthotic treatment for the patients with AIS using the three-dimensional clinical ultrasound (3D CUS) method in which the optimal location of pressure pad of spinal orthosis was determined with the assistance of ultrasound image analysis. By means of 3D CUS method, the spinous process angle (SPA) could be(More)
Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio of a tissue can be simultaneously obtained using two indentation tests with two different sized indentors in two indentations. Owing to the assumption of infinitesimal deformation of the indentation, the finite deformation effect of indentation on the calculated material parameters was not fully understood in the double(More)
Sixty depressed patients and 52 normal controls completed three selfreport inventories: the Symptom Checklist-90 (SCL-90), the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and a new Verbal Style Investigation Schedule (VESIS) developed by the first author. The VESIS uses 16 key emotional and physical terms from Western inventories and identified the words and phrases(More)
Fibrotic change in the soft tissue of the neck is a common side-effect after radiotherapy treatment for cancers of the head and neck region. The development of a quantitative approach for the assessment of neck tissue stiffness using an ultrasound palpation system (UPS) is reported. A testing protocol was established with the participation of eight normal(More)
This study aimed to characterize corneal accommodation in alert chicks with and without experimentally-induced astigmatism. Refraction and corneal biometry were measured in 16 chicks with experimentally-induced astigmatism (>1.00 D) and 6 age-matched control chicks (astigmatism ⩽ 1.00 D). Corneal accommodation was detected using a Placido-ring based(More)
BACKGROUND Postirradiation fibrosis is one of the most common late effects of radiation therapy for patients with head and neck carcinoma. An objective and quantitative method for its measurement is much desired, but the criteria currently used to score fibrosis are mostly semiquantitative and partially subjective. METHODS The Young Modulus (YM) is a(More)
OBJECTIVE Muscle thickness is a widely used parameter for quantifying muscle function in ultrasound imaging. However, current measurement techniques generally rely on manual digitization, which is subjective, time consuming, and prone to error. The primary purposes of this study were to develop an automated muscle boundary tracking algorithm to overcome(More)
This experimental study sought to determine the repeatability of a Video Keratography System specially designed for animals with small eyes. From day 5, ten newly hatched White Leghorn chicks were reared with monocular hyperopic defocus using -5.0D (n = 3), -10.0D (n = 3), -15.0D(n = 4) spherical PMMA lenses on their right eyes; the left eyes served as(More)
PURPOSE To validate a novel ultrasonic sensor for logging reading distances. In addition, this device was used to compare the habitual reading distances between low and high myopes. METHODS First, the stability and sensitivity of the ultrasonic device were determined by repeated measures using artificial targets. Then, thirty Hong Kong Chinese (20-30(More)