Y. P. Wang

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Root border cells are a population of rhizosphere cells surrounding the root tips but separated from them. The root tip is a major target of Fe2+ toxicity; thus, it was hypothesized that the border cells might protect or exacerbate Fe2+ toxicity. To explore the effects of excess Fe2+ on the border cells in rice (Oryza sativa L.), experiments were carried(More)
Knowledge of the kinetics of biomolecular interactions is important for facilitating the study of cellular processes and underlying molecular events, and is essential for quantitative study and simulation of biological systems. Kinetic Data of Bio-molecular Interaction database (KDBI) has been developed to provide information about experimentally determined(More)
Soybean is recognized as one of the plants which are very difficult to be transformed. Considering the low transformation efficiency of soybean, we aimed to determine the effect of 6-benzylaminopurine (6-BA), shoot induction time, and infection time of Agrobacterium on the clonal propagation of Glycine max. Results showed that 1.6 mg/L 6-BA could be optimal(More)
Tissue culture, a traditional technique broadly used for the genetic transformation and functional verification of target genes, induces epigenetic variations in transgenic acceptors of plants. This study compared the DNA methylation patterns during the callus formation of Brassica napus induced by different concentrations of 6-BA and 2,4-D through(More)
The diurnal trends of gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in four Lycoris species (L. houdyshelii, L. aurea, L. radiata var. pumila and L. albiflora) were determined and compared with a portable photosynthesis analysis system. Our study revealed that L. houdyshelii had the lowest light compensation point (LCP), while the other three species(More)
Cationic liposome-mediated gene transfection is a promising method for gene therapy. In this study, the transfection efficiency and histological patterns were evaluated in rat lung after intravenous administration via femoral vein of naked plasmid DNA, naked plasmid DNA with pretreatment of DOTAP, and DOTAP-cholesterol-plasmid DNA complex. Plasmid DNA(More)
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