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Can individual cells, including live cells, be imaged using hard x rays? Common wisdom until now required sophisticated staining techniques for this task. We show instead that individual cells and cell details can be detected in culture solution and tissues with no staining and no other contrast-enhancing preparation. The sample examined can be much thicker(More)
In Alzheimer's disease (AD), neurodegenerative signals such as amyloid-beta (Aβ) and the precursors of neurotrophins, outbalance neurotrophic signals, causing synaptic dysfunction and neurodegeneration. The neurotrophin receptor p75 (p75NTR) is a receptor of Aβ and mediates Aβ-induced neurodegenerative signals. The shedding of its ectodomain from the cell(More)
Secure transmission of sources over noisy channels with side information at the receivers.The degrees of freedom region of temporally-correlated MIMO networks with delayed CSIT." In IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, () : nc (2013-09).Infinity control based scheduler for the deployment of small cell networks.
Theoretical and experimental investigation have been made on a method called the second reciprocal derivative constant-current stripping analysis (SRD-CCSA). The SRD-CCSA is based on the measurement of the d(2)t/dE(2) signal given by the curve of (d(2)t/dE(2)) versus the electrode potential (E). The d(2)t/dE(2)-E curve gives a maximum value(More)
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