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We propose an alternative set of criteria for evaluating forecast rationality: the forecast and Ž. Ž. Ž. the actual series 1 have the same order of integration, 2 are cointegrated and 3 have a cointegrating vector consistent with long-run unitary elasticity of expectations. We denote forecasts that meet these criteria as 'consistent'. Forecasts generated(More)
In order to determine the prevalence and molecular basis of alpha-thalassemia (thal) among Filipinos, a total of 2954 Filipinos in Taiwan were enrolled in this study. A complete blood count was done for every subject. Those with microcytosis (MCV less than 82.5 fl) were studied with hemoglobin (Hb) high-performance liquid chromatography to determine the(More)
OBJECTIVE Down's syndrome (DS) is an important cause of mental retardation. This study investigated the parental origin of the extra chromosome 21 in DS patients. METHODS Fourteen families each with a DS patient were recruited for analysis of nine microsatellite markers on chromosome 21. We collected DNA from both parents and the patient and used(More)
Soils from a local reservoir had been analyzed for their physical and chemical properties, distribution coefficients Kd and sorption rates for 137Cs. It was found that soils in Hong Kong were relatively low in organic matter and more acidic than those in some other countries. In sorption experiments, the rates of decrease in water activity concentration(More)
—The aim of this research is to extend the discrimination of a decision tree builder by adding polynomials of the base inputs to the inputs. The polynomials used to extend the inputs are evolved using the quality of the decision trees resulting from the extended inputs as a fitness function. Our approach generates a decision tree using the base inputs and(More)
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