Y. P. Chang

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To examine whether hypomyelination in neonatal rats might be related to apoptosis of oligodendrocyte progenitors, we administered dexamethasone (0.5 mg/kg SC) to neonatal rats on postnatal (P) days 1 through 5. Immunofluorescent staining and Western blotting for myelin basic protein (MBP) were performed on P14. Morphologic changes associated with apoptotic(More)
Recent studies have shown that growth hormone (GH) can reduce neuronal loss after hypoxic-ischemic injury (HI) in neonatal and juvenile rat brains. Here, we investigated whether GH exerts its neuroprotective role through an anti-apoptotic effect in neonatal rat brains damaged by severe HI. Gross and histological observations showed that the extent of brain(More)
In this immunocytochemical study on the constitutive expression of Pax-7 protein in the postnatal chicken brain, Pax-7 showed region and cell type specific expression. In the optic tectum, only cells in grey matter showed positive immunoreactivities (IRs), whereas those in the white matters did not show any IRs. In thalamic nuclei and several pontine(More)
We develop a refraction model to analyze the electro-optic effects of an in-plane-switching blue phase liquid crystal (IPS-BPLC) cell. Good agreement with experiment is obtained. Based on this model, we optimize the parameters affecting the electro-optics of IPS-BPLC, such as electrode dimension, saturated induced birefringence, saturation electric field,(More)
A model updating methodology based on an adaptive neural network (NN) model is proposed in this study. The NN model has a feedforward architecture and is first trained off-line using some training data that are obtained from finite-element analyses and contain modal parameters as inputs and structural parameters as outputs. To reduce the number of training(More)
Low power laser irradiation (LPLI) has been used in the treatment of peripheral nerve injury. In this study, we verified its therapeutic effect on neuronal regeneration by finding elevated immunoreactivities (IRs) of growth-associated protein-43 (GAP-43), which is up-regulated during neuronal regeneration. Twenty Sprague-Dawley rats received a standardized(More)
Hypersensitivity to mosquito bites (HMB) is a disorder characterized by a necrotic skin reaction and generalized symptoms subsequent to mosquito bites. It has been suggested that HMB is associated with chronic Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection and natural killer cell leukemia/lymphoma. We describe here a Korean child who had HMB associated with chronic EBV(More)
INTRODUCTION Social networking sites (SNSs) are new type web-based services, which have a profound impact on the way people communicate and connect with each other. Adoption of SNSs can be described as the process of users' acceptance and usage of SNSs. The whole adoption process can be divided into three stages: the stage of acceptance, the stage of usage(More)
The use of glucocorticoids (GCs) in the perinatal period is suspected of being associated with adverse effects on long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes for preterm infants. Repeated administration of antenatal GCs to mothers at risk of preterm birth may adversely affect fetal growth and head circumference. Fetal exposure to excess GCs during critical(More)