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The seminal receptacle of Paragonimus ohirai contains not only mature spermatozoa, but also atypical and degenerate ones, suggesting that abnormal spermatozoa are retained in this organ. The spermatozoon is of a parallel biflagellar type with cortical microtubules, consisting of the anterior region, first mitochondrial region, intermediate (amitochondrial)(More)
The localization of catecholamines was documented in the cercaria of Schistosoma mansoni and S. japonicum by a fluorescent histochemical method using glyoxylic acid (GA). Cell bodies and nerve fibres were spatially visualized in whole-mount preparations, and the fluorescent traces were investigated. The nervous system was bilaterally symmetrical, showing a(More)
The oviduct of Paragonimus ohirai is lined by an epithelium composed of cells that rest on a prominent basal lamina and exhibit extensive basal infoldings. Apical surfaces of the epithelial cells are lamellated, and height and abundance of lamellae vary in different regions. Cilia are confined to two separate areas and are variable with respect to their(More)
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