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The seminal receptacle of Paragonimus ohirai contains not only mature spermatozoa, but also atypical and degenerate ones, suggesting that abnormal spermatozoa are retained in this organ. The spermatozoon is of a parallel biflagellar type with cortical microtubules, consisting of the anterior region, first mitochondrial region, intermediate (amitochondrial)(More)
The localization of catecholamines was documented in the cercaria of Schistosoma mansoni and S. japonicum by a fluorescent histochemical method using glyoxylic acid (GA). Cell bodies and nerve fibres were spatially visualized in whole-mount preparations, and the fluorescent traces were investigated. The nervous system was bilaterally symmetrical, showing a(More)
The ootype of Paragonimus ohirai was studied by both scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The ootype wall in 20-week-old worms from single infections was similar in its epithelial cell architecture and components to that of mated worms at 10 weeks postinfection. The lining epithelium consisted of a single layer of nucleated cells. The cytoplasm(More)
To clarify how and why blood pressure differs between occupations, the proportions of hypertensives, and the measures of blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and alcohol consumption among the individuals not taking antihypertensive drugs were compared between the eight occupational categories using the data from a health check-up for 589 middle-aged(More)
To examine whether the serum apolipoprotein A-I level (Apo A-I), serum apolipoprotein A-II level (Apo A-II) and serum apolipoprotein B level (Apo B) are related to cigarette-smoking habits, drinking frequency and body mass index (BMI) independent of serum lipoprotein cholesterol levels (HDLC, LDLC or VLDLC), we statistically analyzed the data on Apo A-I,(More)
  • Y Orido
  • 1987
The ultrastructure of the ovary of Paragonimus ohirai was investigated in different developmental stages of experimental infection in rats, from the metacercarial stage to the adult stage. The female reproductive cells were observed in order to understand the development of the ovary. During its development in the definitive host, the ovarian primordium and(More)
To investigate whether blood pressure differs by taking preferred alcoholic beverage among habitual drinkers, systolic and diastolic blood pressure (SBP, DBP) were compared among groups with different beverage types in 563 middle-aged Japanese males using data from a cross-sectional health survey conducted from February, 1989 through March, 1991 in five(More)
  • Y Orido
  • 1990
The excretory bladder of Paragonimus ohirai was studied during development in rats. Parasites were obtained at each development stage, and single worms were prepared for both transmission and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). During early transformation (1, 2 days), excretory materials such as calcareous concretions and lipid droplets filled the bladder,(More)
In this article new reference values and methodology of clinical laboratory tests useful as guidelines for providing health instruction on health effects of various environmental factors are suggested. Two different processes are developed as the methods for determining the reference values, which are comprised of three elements. One of the processes is(More)