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Histamine plays important roles in inflammation and nervous irritability in allergic disorders, including atopic dermatitis (AD). It has been shown to regulate the expression of pruritic factors, such as nerve growth factor and semaphorin 3A, in skin keratinocytes via histamine H1 receptor (H1R). Furthermore, H1R antagonist reduced the level of IL-31, a(More)
Computer-generated holograms (CGHs) using multiview images (MVIs) are holograms generated with multiple ordinary cameras. This process typically requires a huge number of cameras arranged at high density. In this paper, we propose a method to improve CGH using MVIs that obtains the MVIs by using voxel models rather than cameras. In the proposed method the(More)
Fig. 1 and 2 Schematic of ET-QW InAs MOSFETs and TEM images for L g = 50 nm ET-QW InAs MOSFETs with T QW = 5 nm. Note that 3-nm Al 2 O 3 was used as a gate insulator, together with MBE-grown 2-nm InP, leading to EOT = 2 nm. This paper reports Extremely-Thin-Body (ETB) InAs quantum-well (QW) MOSFETs with improved electrostatics down to L g = 50 nm (S =103(More)
A new type of palladium-catalyzed CO(2) recycling reaction using allylic carbonates is described. Reaction of trans-4-methoxycarbonyloxy-2-buten-1-ols in the presence of a palladium catalyst produces cyclic carbonates having a vinyl group via a CO(2) elimination-fixation process. A variety of allylic carbonates participate in the reaction giving cyclic(More)
  • W J Book, O Maizza-Neto, +16 authors Subir Kumar Saha
  • 1998
(a) (b) Fig. 8. Experimental results of driving nails. (a) The proposed hitting using t = t 1d and = tan 01 k: (b) A conventional hitting with t = t 1 and = 0: be driven slantwise by the friction force on the face of the nail head. First, the normal of the board is directed with 8 8 8 X = 90 and 8 8 8 Z = 30 , and a nail is tapped perpendicularly on the(More)
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