Y Nimitkitpaisan

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2-Fluoro-, 5-fluoro- and 6-fluorodimethoxybenzaldehydes were prepared by photochemical decomposition of the corresponding diazonium fluoroborates. The aldehydes were converted to the cyanohydrin trimethylsilyl ethers, which, in turn, were reduced to the dimethoxyphenethanolamines. Boron tribromide demethylation afforded the racemic ring-fluorinated(More)
The effects of sound stimulus were studied on the gastric secretion in rats with chronically implanted cannulas. Attempts were made to correlate the changes in the secretion with those of the plasma corticosterone level. Exposure of the animals to sound stimulus (1 hr or 2 hr) produced a marked decrease in gastric secretion and a concomitant increase in(More)
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