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Group layered space-time can attain a better tradeoff between data rate and diversity gain. For the GLST, in this paper we propose a new generalized detection algorithm that is an ordered successive detection employing an extended Gaussian elimination algorithm. The algorithm can reduce computational complexity, as low as O(Nt<sup>2</sup>Nr) per symbol(More)
—This paper presents our investigation on performance enhancement due to the implementation of low density parity check (LDPC) codes on IEEE 802.11n system and its Application Specific Integrated Circuit design. Simulation result shows that in higher coding rate, LDPC codes gives 6 dB better performance compared to binary convolutional codes. Logic(More)
This paper describes the design of guidance law using potential functions for a swarm of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The proposed guidance law is derived by the artificial potential field method. We propose a new potential function that consists of steering, repulsive, and circular functions. A guidance law is obtained by generating a velocity fields(More)
The present paper discusses an assembly line balancing problem(ALBP). ALBP discussed up to now does not consider rack spaces where tools or parts are stored. We introduce an extended resource planning and assembly line balancing problem that takes the rack space into account. An exact search method for solving the problem by using a graph structure, and a(More)
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