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A fast technique for automatic 3-D shape measurement is proposed and verified by experiments. The technique, based on the principle of phase measurement of the deformed grating pattern which carries the 3-D information of the measured object, can automatically and accurately obtain the phase map or the height information of a measured object at every pixel(More)
The ongoing shortage of donors for cardiac transplantation has led to a trend toward acceptance of donor hearts with some structural abnormalities including left ventricular hypertrophy. To evaluate the outcome in recipients of donor hearts with increased left ventricular wall thickness (LVWT), we retrospectively analyzed data for 157 cardiac donors and(More)
BACKGROUND Quality of end-of-life care received by cancer patients has never been explored in an entire Asian country for all ages and cancer groups. PATIENTS AND METHODS Retrospective cohort study to examine trends in quality of end-of-life care among a cohort of 242 530 Taiwanese cancer patients who died in 2000-2006. RESULTS In the last month of(More)
A grid is projected onto an object and focused into a viewing camera which is offset from the angle of illumination. When the image is superimposed by double exposure or by filtering with the image of another object, contour-difference moiré fringes appear. By the use of two offset projectors, measurements of contour sums or contour doubling may be(More)
A time-averaged shadow-moiré method is presented which permits the determination of the amplitude distribution of the deflection of a plate in steady state vibration. No stroboscope is required, and the recording is done statically. The method is less sensitive than holographic methods and is therefore suitable for studying relatively large amplitudes.
This paper describes a new image-shearing camera which focuses two laterally sheared images at the film plane. With coherent illumination, this camera becomes a shearing interferometer, which directly measures the derivatives of the surface displacements. This strain measuring tool enjoys several advantages over the conventional, holographic, and speckle(More)
An iteration algorithm for the analysis of speckle interference patterns is presented. First, four digitized phase-shifted patterns are locally averaged. The phase information is then extracted by the usual phase shift algorithm. The wrapped phase is in turn used to reconstruct four new phase-shifted patterns. These three steps form a cycle. Repetition of(More)
An improved speckle-shearing interferometric method is presented that allows simultaneous determination of derivatives of surface displacements of a structure with respect to four different directions. The technique relaxes several limitations associated with conventional interferometry and thus is adaptable to nonlaboratory environments. The relevant(More)