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Since lasers have the most saturated colors, laser display can express the natural color excellently. Laser scanning display has merits of simple structure and high optical efficiency. We designed a new scanning mirror which has a circular mirror plate with an elliptical outer frame and is electrostatically driven by vertical combs arranged at the outer(More)
The laser TV using blue, green diode-pumped solid state lasers and a red diode laser is developed. The wavelengths of the blue, green and red are 457 nm, 532 nm and 648 nm, and the output powers are 350 mW, 700 mW and 500 mW, respectively. The power levels of lasers are adjusted for white color balance. The polygon mirror and the galvanometer are used for(More)
We report the laser scanning display as an emerging technology. We show demonstration system of laser TV. Video image is made by using a high speed MEMS scanning mirror and a directmodulated red diode laser. We designed and fabricated MEMS scanning mirror. The first demonstration system showed a NTSC-resolution video image with the image size of 5 inches.(More)
International standards on product catalogue are converging on the UNSPSC. Adopting this standard, we designed an architecture for the product search agent employing Semantic Web and semantic networks. The architecture is based on the central repository model of product catalog management with distributed updating processes. It also includes the(More)
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