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AIM Coaches of young athletes at early phases of development often use batteries of tests in order to obtain information that will be helpful in predicting their future success. However, little scientific inquiry has been conducted on the relevance of the testing process to the final selection and success of young prospects. The purpose of this study was to(More)
Between 1 January 1965 and 31 December 1975 82,262 women visited an early breast cancer detection center at least once. Subsequent to the visit 1,295 women were found to have breast cancer. The observed survival of these 1,295 patients (the study group) was compared to that of two control groups: 1) all breast cancer patients diagnosed in Israel in the five(More)
Laterality was examined in 10,702 cases of breast cancer in Israeli Jewish women. The overall left-right ratio was 1.04 and was higher in women over 60. The only population group with a left-right ratio less than 1 was the group of women born in Asian and Middle Eastern countries outside of Israel. There were no differences between the survival curves of(More)
Between 1960 and 1975, the incidence of breast cancer in Israel rose 20%. A steady rise in incidence was seen for women aged 60 or more years, whereas for women younger than 60 years, the incidence pattern was less regular, showing a definite rise only in the period 1970-75. Mortality from breast cancer also rose among women aged 60 or more years, but much(More)
For the first time, full size lead tungstate crystals of different suppliers, quality and dopant concentration have been irradiated with gamma-rays at low temperatures down to -25degC at IHEP Protvino. In contrast to the behavior at room temperature, increased damage and extremely slow recovery processes have been observed. These first results are discussed(More)
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