Y. Mashiko

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We offer evidence in the disproof of the continuity of the length of minimum inner spanning trees with respect to a parameter vector having a zero component. The continuity property is the key step of the proof of the conjecture in Du and Hwang (Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 87:9464–9466, 1990; Algorithmica 7(1):121–135, 1992). Therefore the Steiner ratio(More)
We report on a tunable noise-like pulse (NLP) generation in a mode-locked Tm fiber laser with a SESAM. A tuning range of 1895-1942 nm, while keeping the spectral bandwidth of 10-19 nm under NLP mode-locked operation, was obtained by a tunable filter based on chromatic dispersion of telescope lenses. At the center wavelength of 1928 nm, the maximum output(More)
We developed a narrow-linewidth linearly-polarized all-PM-fiber MOPA at the wavelength of 1610 nm. The MOPA consists of a DFB laser diode seed source and three amplifier stages with three different gain fibers. The first amplifier stage employed an Er doped fiber and the second and third amplifier stages employed Er:Yb co-doped fibers. The maximum output(More)
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