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-1,4-Glucans having oligosaccharide appendages (O-/N-linked -maltoside and O-/N-linked -lactoside) at 6C positions of all repeating units can be readily prepared from cellulose through a two step strategy composed of: (1) regio-selective and quantitative bromination/azidation to afford 6-azido-6-deoxycellulose; and (2) the subsequent Cu + -catalyzed(More)
General aspects of the deterioration and typical examples in some hot springs (Atami, Shirahama, Isawa.Kasugai, and Syuzenji Hot Springs) are outlined in this report in connection with the change of chemical constituents. (1) Deterioration of thermal spring resources generally occurs accompanied with the following phenomena: a) drawdown of the water level(More)
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