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The objective of this study was to predict mainstream smoke constituent yields for conventional filter cigarette brands on sale in Japan between 2004 and 2005. Mainstream smoke was generated under ISO machine smoking conditions. Developed functional relationships indicate the validity of benchmarking even for a market which is characterized by a diversity(More)
The advantages of using 1, 96, or 384 precision glass syringes in automated high-throughput microdispensers in creating highly uniform and reproducible DNA, protein, and organic compound array filters and slides are described. Using the Hydra Microdispenser and Tango Liquid Handling system, 0.1-5 ng (in 50-300 nL) PCR-amplified, human cancer-related genes(More)
A simple, sensitive and specific method using a cDNA macroarray to detect multiple viruses was devised. The method is used in plants such as potato and lily, which need a reliable routine diagnosis for mixed infection. The biotinylated cRNA targets were prepared using an in vitro transcription-based system that was designed especially to eliminate(More)
The BioMasher is a disposable homogenizer that was developed to homogenize bovine brain tissue for bovine spongiform encephalopathy diagnosis. Capable of preventing the biohazard risk from infectious samples, it also prevents cross-contamination among samples. The BioMasher is thus widely used in biochemical research, especially for RNA extraction. Here, we(More)
We analyze Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) transmission and reception over heterogeneous wireless networks (HetNets). Our focus is on the design of a practical algorithm for joint resource allocation (joint scheduling) in each HetNet cluster. We present one such algorithm together with its detailed analysis and evaluation under two different approaches for(More)
This study is aimed at verifying runoff pollutant loadings from urban areas. Urban runoff has been considered an important source of diffuse pollution especially during storm events. This paper describes the pollutant runoff during storm events, mainly in terms of effects of watershed characteristics. Data collected from Lake Biwa tributaries, Japan, have(More)
To establish a convenient, cost-effective, and reasonably reliable method for monitoring multiple gene expression using customized membrane-based macroarray, we constructed a cDNA macroarray with multiple probes for 13 human vascular endothelial genes and assessed the accuracy of the macroarray measurements. For each gene, two cDNA probes (450-550 bp) were(More)
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