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The ends of human chromosomes consist of several kilobases of simple telomeric repeats (TTAGGG) n (1). Telomeres are important for maintaining chromosome structure by protecting the chromosomes from DNA degradation, end-to-end fusions, rearrangements, and chromosome loss. Because DNA polymerases synthesize DNA in the 5Ј to 3Ј direction and require an RNA(More)
Au@Pt nanorods were prepared by growing platinum nanodots on gold nanorods. Using electron spin resonance (ESR), we determined that the mechanisms for oxidation of ascorbic acid (AA) by Au@Pt nanorods and ascorbic acid oxidase (AAO) were kinetically similar and yielded similar products. In addition we observed that Au@Pt nanorods were stable with respect to(More)
  • J.-C Hsiao, L.-W Chu, +36 authors C.-T
  • 2016
Assembly and quality control of the protein phosphatase 1 holoenzyme involves the Cdc48-Shp1 chaperone " , A region of Bdp1 necessary for transcription initiation that is located within the RNA Polymerase III active site cleft " , MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, 35(16): 2831-40. No DDrama at chromosome ends: TRF2 takes centre stage " , Trends Functional(More)
The fi ght against foodborne illness is a fi ght against probability. The US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that each year one in six Americans (approximately 48 million) are affected by foodborne illnesses and there are 3000 deaths due to the consumption of tainted food products (CDC 2011). Recent incidences of foodborne(More)
Numerous outbreaks of foodborne illnesses have been linked to consumption of fresh produce. Sanitation in produce processing plants is a critical step in reducing public risk of exposure to pathogenic organisms. Current methods to check the effectiveness of sanitation procedures rely on visual observation and sub-sampling tests such as use of ATP (adenosine(More)
The changes in met-enkephalin and beta-endorphin contents in the pituitary in PTU-induced hypothyroidism were studied in the rat. After 2 weeks of PTU-treatment, both IR-met-enkephalin and IR-beta-endorphin contents in the pituitary were significantly reduced. Gel filtration chromatography followed by radioimmunoassay showed that the immunoactivities in the(More)
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