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The clinical features and results of surgical management of 68 out of a series of 101 cases of traumatic retinal detachment in childhood are described and analysed. Follow-up, in particular after the removal of silicon oil used temporarily, was always been longer than six months. Cases were divided into three groups: contusions, ocular injuries without(More)
The present study is a two year-follow up of 105 eyes (including 27 aphakic eyes), operated on retinal detachment by silicone oil injection after pars plana vitrectomy. This procedure was chosen either as an initial treatment (37 eyes) or after a classical treatment by external indentation had failed (68 eyes). All cases of retinal detachment were of bad(More)
The authors report 19 cases of posterior retinal and tears treated by endodiathermy after vitrectomy. Nine cases were iatrogenic with a retinal break occurring during an intravitreal procedure. The remaining 10 cases were non-iatrogenic. A flat or reapplied retina is a prerequisite for achieving an adequate chorioretinal adhesion by endodiathermy.(More)
Phacoemulsification was combined with vitreoretinal surgery in 22 cases in which lens opacity prevented good visualisation of the fundus. The main indications were proliferative diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment complicated by proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Phacoemulsification was achieved by a limbal approach. The technique was adapted to the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate visual benefit, predictability and complications after clear lens phakoemulsification and posterior chamber implantation in highly myopic eyes. METHODS Thirty-three highly myopic eyes were reviewed at a mean postoperative follow-up of 27 months. The mean age of the 19 patients was 31.04 +/- 5.51 years. The mean preoperative spherical(More)
BACKGROUND Radial keratotomy is the most popular method of surgical correction of myopia, but requires further improvements. This study presents a new knife design for radial keratotomy. METHODS Radial keratotomy was performed on 120 eyes of 60 patients with myopia. We utilized two diamond knife designs. The new knife allows a surgeon to perform corneal(More)